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        thickness and
        weight per unit measurement

ELOVIS Partners

BST ProControl is a ELOVIS partner, which is specialized in sensorscombined with automation and visualization systems, ensure precise monitoring and analysis of  weight per unit area, layer thickness, density and moisture contentof band- and plate-shaped materials for theproduction of plastic and metal sheeting, paper, textiles, foams, floorcoverings or non-woven fabrics.
Link: http://www.bst-procontrol.de/
ELOVIS Partner formerly Bastian Winder Technologies with many years of experience in development, construction, manufacturing, erection in winding /cutting of web materials.Branches: nonwoven, foil, paper, composites
Link: http://www.truetzschler-nonwovens.de/

ELOVIS partner ETF is producer of cross-cutters, longitudinal cutters, edge cutters, guided slitters, selvedge choppers and length measuring systems. Branches: Carpet, Non-woven, Venyl
Link: http://www.etf.nl/nl/etf-machinefabriek/products/production-support-machines/general/

ERKO Trützschler Fleissner scope of supply includes opening and blending, carding, crosslapping and needling, hydroentangling, chemical bonding, thermobonding, drying and finishing equipment, machines for staple fiber to finished nonwoven production.
Link: http://www.truetzschler-nonwovens.de

ELOVIS Partner FZI assists us in innovations based on informatics and IT. The FZI is a research institution of Baden-Württemberg.
Link: http://www.fzi.de/index.php/en

The research activities of ITIV are organized in three areas. The group working on continuous system design methods is called Systems Engineering and is managed by Prof. K. D. Müller-Glaser. Prof. J. Becker represents the area of Embedded Electronic Systems with focus on System-on-Chip integration, architecture design and application specific EDA methods. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. W. Stork the design of microelectronics are extended into the field of microsystem design by the Microsystem Technology and Optics group. http://www.itiv.kit.edu/english/24.php
VHF Vom Hagen & Funke GmbH is ELOVIS partner for high performance machines for the cable, wire and plastic industries.
Segments: Extrusion lines, rewind lines, irradiation equipment, taping lines, wire and strand pay-offs, overhead barrel pay-offs, length measurement systems according to MID 2014/32/EU standard (form. MID 2004/22/EC).
Link: http://www.vhf-cable-machines.com/07-umspulen/index-en.htm
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