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Electronics - Optics - Solutions

ELOVIS GmbH was established in 1996. ELOVIS stands for excellence in electronics, optics and laser technology, used in industrial and medical measurement or laser applications. ELOVIS designs, develops and produces on behalf of its customers or for its own product portfolio.

ELOVIS, which is a leading supplier of non-contact measurement technology, is well known for its outstanding non-contact length and speed gauges. These gauges set standards in material independency, size, ease of use, accuracy and lifetime. ELOVIS products are exerted to ensure a longterm stable determination of production, productivity and billing parameters, as well as determination of quality and process parameters. Due to high performance, ELOVIS sensors are mostly used for in-situ measurement (during running process) of semi-finished products. ELOVIS sensors are certified "calibratable length measurement sensors" by the national metrology institution of Germany PTB, Braunschweig since 1999. This and following certifications underline the high performance, quality and accuracy standard of ELOVIS sensor technolgy.

Continuous running research projects and the close colaboration with other research institutions, in particular with the University of Karlsruhe ensure that ELOVIS can always offer state-of the future technology with dynamic adaptation of development capacities. The experience and motivation of the ELOVIS employees and the permanent dialogue with its customers result in user-friendly, cost-effective, reliable and durable products.

We are looking for additional representations ...

We are looking for additional representatives for our non-contact length and speed measurement devices (in Germany and abroad). Do you already sell technical products or measurement equipment to certain industries? Do you have intensive contacts to the most important leaders and decision makers in your industrial field since many years? Do you still have sales capacities - and are you interested in brilliant technical products with minor support effort? If so, please contact us directly. Send your mail to: info@elovis.de

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