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Wireless Data Acquisition


wireless synchronous data acquisition for external sensors
synchronous vibration via WLAN
pressure, temperature, rotation speed, acceleration measurement

Wireless synchronous data acquisition network for external sensors:
TEDIASENS SN-X is used to simultaneously sample up to 3 physical signals such as vibration and acceleration. The sensors are connected by means of BNC, LEMO, ... connectors and can be supplied with IEPE (ICP) excitation. The inputs can be coupled AC or DC and input range can be programmed to ± 1 V resp. ± 10 V. With a dynamic of 24bit, a signal to noise ratio of -109,5dB (RMS, broadband) and a maximum sampling rate of 13 kHz TEDIASENS SN-X can solve multiple measurement tasks without cable and minimal setup effort.

Technical data

Number of channels
per sensor node
Connector type
BNC, LEMO (optional others selectable)
IEPE (ICP) excitation
18 V; 2 mA; software selectable
Signal input coupling
AC/DC software selectable
DC/0,4 Hz to 8,6 kHz (-3dB)
A/D converter resolution
Sampling rate
max. 13 kHz software selectable
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)
109,5dB RMS broadband
Channel sampling
Input range
±1 V; ±10 V software selectable
1 µs standard deviation
Data rate per sensor node
max. 1,3 MBit/s
Sensor nodes per system
1 up to typically 10 (more possible)
Range 802.11g free field 138 m isotropic
Measuring time
typ. 7-9 h with accumulator
Charging time
max. 3 h
1 user key and software controlable
4 LEDs (WLAN- or accumulator condition)
114,1 x 63,5 x 30,0 mm³ (without antenna)
270 g (incl. accumulator and antenna)
more ...

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