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Dimensional Inspection

Profile Measurement and Height Measurement
Pattern Reapeat Length Measurement
2D and 3D Measurement
3D handheld scanners

Camera systems, 2D-Scanner, 3D-Scanner, Laser-Triangulation, Stereo Camera Technology

ELOVIS offers the BDM and ÁVIS system family to check the dimensional accuracy of discrete parts as well as of web and extrusion material. BDM and ÁVIS systems are based on optical technologies and are used for inline measurement, but also for offline random sample testing.

Width & Diameter Measurement - BDM

The BDM system series for testing dimensional accuracy of products in 2D or 3D. BDM systems are especially used for width, diameter and thickness or height measurement of goods with defined edges, but also for determination of material strech and shrinkage of web material.

  • part width, diameter, heigth or thickness measurement
  • tube diameter measurement
  • profile width and heigth measurement
  • width measurement of web and sheet material

Pattern Repeat Length Measurement - ÁSPEED-RL

ÁSPEED-RL is used for distance measurement of print trigger marks at full production speed.

Equipment of the following machines:
  • printing machines
  • rewinder
  • doctor machine

Pattern Repeat Length Measurement - ÁVIS-RL

ÁVIS-RL is used for pattern repeat length measurement. ÁVIS-RL measures material stretch and elongation as well as material shrinkage and composition.

  • pattern repeat length and cross length measurement
  • longitudinal and transverse distortion measurement
  • web elongation measurement
  • shrinkage and composition measurement

Profile Measurement - ÁVIS-PROFI

ÁVIS-PROFI for profile measurement, thickness and width measurement to be used for material with defined edges.

  • profile heigth
  • thickness measurement
  • heigth measurement
  • diameter measurement
  • profile width measurement
  • profile scanner

Elongation Measurement - ÁTENSION

ÁTENSION is a measurement technology to define the degree of expansion on materials toádetermineátheir suitability for an opticaláevaluation of density. Measuring with ÁTENSION is suited for strain correction as a part of the material length measurement, among others in combination with the contactless ÁSPEED length measurement system.

  • elongationámeasurement of fabrics
  • elongationámeasurement of nonwoven
  • elongationámeasurement of foam material

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