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Operating mode

Discrete part length measurement

  • Lengths of discrete parts are measured during transport by a pair of sender and receiver alongside the conveyor.
  • Multiple parts can be present in the measuring line. They have to be in a row and separated by at least 10 mm.
  • A client provided machine control or the optional ELOVIS SLM-SPS compare measured lengths and specifications of parts to control air valves or pushers. Parts with lengths exceeding tolerance are reliably detected and sorted out.
  • If there is a lack of space or in case of very long parts, sorting can take place in the same location as measuring. One of the sensors can be hung freely besides the conveyor by a yoke so that there is a gap between sensor and conveyor. This is also suitable for tilting tables, if the SLM-System can be mounted to the fixed part. For further details, please contact us.


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