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Non-contact Speed Gauge - µSPEED + CONTROLLER

Non-contact speed measurement
Laser doppler technology
Laser speed

speed measurement system processing unit and display

The µSPEED + CONTROLLER consists of a small head (154 x 94 x 39 mm) and a processing unit. Both components are connected by a pluggable cable. The processing unit includes a display with two lines for showing the actual length and speed as well as signal quality or other parameters. The sensor system, which is accredited by the national German metrological institution (PTB) according to MID (measurement instruments directive) 2014/32/EU standard (form. MID 2004/22/EC), is unique regarding its size, reliability, ease of use, lifetime, various control functions and accessories. The system is used as a portable gauge for calibration of machine encoders but also for cut-to-length control to equip older machines with so far manual driven cutting devices. A RS232 printer can be connected directly to the processing unit for printing out customer specific labels or measurement protocols. µSPEED + CONTROLLER is supplied through a 24 V port and provides immediate length and speed data via serial interface as pulse or quadrature signal. Furthermore, the system can process and output control signals.

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Technical data

Measurable speed range 0 m/min to ± 4800 m/min 1)
Typ. accuracy ± 0.05 % 2)
Stand-off distance/ 
depth of field
120 mm ± 5 mm (± 20 mm)
240 mm ± 10 mm (± 40 mm)
480 mm ± 20 mm (± 80 mm) 3)
Interfaces Multifuntion Interface
Configuration Interface
Connection port for µSPEED sensor (D-SUB 15-pole)
2x USB 3.0 ports (e.g. for external keyboard)
2x gigabit Ethernet
In-/Output 3x digital high speed I/O
5 V or 24 V gauge selectable

Possible configurations:
- Impulse output
- RS-485/422 Multifuntion Interface
- Digital input (length-reset, direction, gate)
- Digital output (status)
Voltage 24 VDC
Protection category µSPEED sensor head IP 65
µSPEED-CONTROLLER IP 51 (front); IP 20 (back)
(L x H x W)
µSPEED sensor head 154 x 94 x 39 mm
µSPEED-CONTROLLER 236 x 166 x 126 mm
Weight µSPEED sensor head 1 kg

Foot notes 1) measurement from ZERO according to used system type (optional)
2) length ≥ 5m (1σ); L ≥ 10m (2σ); L ≥ 20m (3σ);  high accuracy  for shorter lengths achievalbe by accessory µSPEED-PLB 
3) values in brackets can cause reduced accuracy
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