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Non-contact Speed Measurement

Non-contact Speed Measurement
Laser-Doppler Technology
Laser Surface Velocimeter
Laser Speed Gauge
Laser Tachometer

Application Overview
  • Portable non-contact speed measurement
  • Calibration of tactile driven tachometers and encoders
  • Measurement of difference speed for process control (e.g.) slippage detection or elongation and shrinkage measurement)
  • Speed balancing and control of lamination and milling processes
  • Cut-to-length control
  • Marking control (ink jet printing, laser marking, ...)

Application Examples
  • Paper and cardboard (pulp speed, wire speed, roller speed, ...)
  • Print industry (difference speed, slippage detection, ...)
  • Plastic and extrusion (speed balancing, extrusion speed, ...)
  • Laminates, compounds and composite material (speed balancing, ...)
  • Technical textiles, woven, non-woven (encoder calibration, speed monitoring, ...)
  • Carpet and flooring (process control, speed monitoring, …)
  • Metal sheet, tube, profile, wire, cable, (cut-to-length control, elongation control, ...)
  • Timber pices, veneer, timber plate (cut-to-length control, ...)
  • Construction and insolation material (speed balancing, speed monitoring, ...)
  • Cable and wire (elongation and shrinkage control, ...)

The µSPEED® gauges are used for non-contact measurement of speed and length of moving surfaces like all kind of web material, winded material and goods in pieces. µSPEED sensors replace contact wheels and other tactile tachometers, which due to slippage, aging or dirt built up, do not work properly. The optical laser speed gauges type µSPEED work independent from material, surface or thickness. The measurement system does not affect the material surface by leaving traces or scratches. Measurement material can be solid, smooth, dry or wet. It can be transported on conveyer belts, produced as web, tube or wire, can be endless or goods in pieces. The applications cover portable use for speed measurement at any area of production lines, encoder calibration as well as production and process surveillance e.g. by measurement of difference speed. Production machines as well as inspection, winding and slitting machines can easily be equipped with µSPEED. µSPEED devices are both maintenance free and long term calibrated. ELOVIS speed gauges are able to reach an accuracy of better than ± 0.1 ‰ of speed, which has to be measured. µSPEED systems, which are based on laser-doppler technology, set standards regarding size, ease of use and lifetime. µSPEED systems are perfect for in-line gauging | in-line gage systems.

Speed gauge with display - µSPEED + CONTROLLER

µSPEED + CONTROLLER is a stand-alone sensor system equipped with numerous control functions as well as the possibility of connecting printers and other equipments directly. µSPEED + CONTROLLER is available with the EU approval capability according to MID 2014/32/EU standard (form. MID 2004/22/EC), for certifiable non-contact length measurement.

  • measurable speed range: ± 4800 m/min
  • min. measurement speed: 0 m/min
  • direction recognition: option

Speed gauge - µSPEED-smartsensor

µSPEED® is used as a direct replacement for tactile driven encoders. The added value towards a measurement by wheel or by machine drive can be found in the material independent and longterm high accurate measurement as well in the self checking function of the sensor.

  • measurable speed range: ± 4800 m/min
  • min. measurement speed: 0 m/min
  • direction recognition: option

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