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Bidirectional Length Gauge - ÁSPEED-PRO

ÁSpeed Smartsensor

Non-contact direction detection - bidirectional measurement

Zero Speed measurement - stand-still detection

Offering non-contact direction detection and measuring starting from zero-speed with a typical measurement accuracy of +/- 0,05% /*2) the ÁSPEED-PRO is the ideal sensor to work in complex transport and conveying processes. Besides the sensor complies to the ÁSPEED-SMART seriec, with its processing unit integrated into the sensor head (154x94x39mm). Thus the gauge is the smallest bidirectional sensor in its class of high accuracy length and speed measurement devices with non-contact direction detection worldwide. ÁSPEED-PRO gives out directly length and speed data via RS 485/ RS 422 interface or pulses. All known industry bus standards as well as Ethernet are available optionally.

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Technical data

speed range
0 m/min to ▒ 600m/min (bidirectional) 1)
typ. accuracy
▒ 0,05 % 2)
stand-off distance/
depth of field
115 mm ▒ 5 mm (▒ 20 mm)3)
interfaces 1x RS 485 bi-directional
1x RS 232 (option)
1x interlock (input)
3x differencial TTL I/O freely configurable
option - more I/O ports
interface configuration
- quadrature output (A, /A, B, /B)
- pulse output
- RS 485
- RS 422
- direction
- gate
- start
- stop
- pre contact
- hold
- error
- Profibus
- CAN-Bus
- EtherNet IP
- DeviceNET
further communication protocols on demand
voltage 24 VDC
(option: voltage range 100-230 VAC)
protection category
IP 67
laser diode 25mW, 780nm (class 3B)
dimension (L x H x W) 154 x 94 x 39 mm
weight 0,7 kg

footer 1) ÁSPEED-PRO in different versions S1-S10
2) length L ≥ 5m (1σ); L ≥ 10m (2σ); L ≥ 20m (3σ)
3) values in brackets can cause reduced accuracy
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