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Discrete Part Measurement with SLM

Measurement of part length in throughfeed
100 % control and result documentation
Good / bad sorting by length
Optimization of cutting

Operating mode

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  • Discrete part length measurement (10 mm up to 4876 mm)
  • Length measurement of discrete parts
  • Length measurement of fix length
  • Measurement of meter weight and 100 m weight
  • Length sorting
Application Examples

Sensor for discrete part length measurement - SLM

The SLM device is designed for high precision length measurement of discrete parts. The SLM achieves an accuracy of approx. ± 0.2 mm for lengths in between 0.01 m to 2 m. It will achieve ± 0.4 mm for lengths up to 4 m. The system is designed for 100 % inline measurement as well as for manual random sample testing.
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Configuration and Monitoring Software

Enables the operator to set up the system via RS485 via external customer owned PC/laptop. Allows monitoring and recording of measurement data for analyze purpose. Data are saved in a data base compatible file (ASCII-file readable e.g. for Excel, Access, Matlab, Origin, ...)

SLM-PLC sorting control and database

SLM-PLC reads in the SLM length measurement value. The length value is compared to the product data chosen by the operator and carries out a good / bad sorting. In case of bad sorting, a signal will be issued when reaching an outward transfer by the customer. Product data are deposited in the control's product list via control panel.

Measurement Material

  • profile (extruded profiles of rubber and plastic; aluminium profiles; ...)
  • tube (extruded tubes of rubber and plastic; metal tubes; ...)
  • pipe (extruded fuel pipes; air pipes; fuel lines; ...)
  • hose (extruded fuel hoses; air hoses; fuel line; ...)
  • rod (metal and plastic rods; ...)
  • rolls (film, foil and paper rolls width measurement during axial displacement)
  • sleeve (metal sleeves)
  • seal and gasket (extruded rubber seals and rubber gaskets)
  • plate (metal plates; sheet metal; wood panel; plastic panel;...) 
  • board (mineral boards; insulation material; insulating panels; ...)
  • construction solid wood (wooden beams; wooden log; structural wood; ...)
  • timber (wood panel; wood flooring; wooden floor coverings; ...)
  • tile (carpet tiles; metal tiles; wooden tiles; ...)
  • sawn part (sawn parts and stamped parts)
  • turning workpiece (turned parts; machined parts; ...)
  • glas parts (glass plate; window pane; ...)
  • core (winding cores; paper cores; cardbord cores; plastic cores; ...)

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