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Tactile Length Gauge - IMPW + MID/CNT (MID 2014/32/EC Option)

Messrad mit MID-Zńhler-1

Tactile length measurement - by wheel encoder

length measurement system with counter / processing unit

The Measurement Counter MID/CNT can be operated both with a tactile transducer such as the contact wheel IMPW in combination with the rotating encoder ENC or with the non-contact ÁSPEED laser devices. It is prepared for calibration approval according to MID 2014/32/EU (form. MID 2004/22/EG). The MID/CNT is designed primarily for calibrated length measurement recording in connection with IT-Systems, but a version without MID preparation is available as well. An internal data memory stores the measured values and holds them for later printing or comparison. Therefore so-called alibi printers as requested by the Bureau of Standards in the past, are obsolete now. Calibrated length measurement is necessary if selling materials in the unit of meters to customers within Europe. Besides two standard RS-232 serial interfaces the MID-CNT has an ethernet interface for data transmission. The lengths determined are stored together with a unique ID-number in a non-volatile data memory. This data storage is done after counter reset. Each measuring device has a unique ID-Number, which is also used for documentation. The MID/CNT has an integrated WEB-Server and besides the standard HTTP protocol. It also includes a MOD-BUS protocol for SPS as well as a XML-protocol for data transfer.


Technical data

Method of Measurement
By rotary encoder and contact wheel or
by optical laser device type ÁSPEED
- puls counting with max. counting frequency 25.000 pls/s
- gear factor adjustable with teach-in function
- calibration with reference distance / reference length
Textile, Cable and Extrusion Machinery, Cutting Machinery, Rewinding Machines, Converting Machines, Trimming Machines
Measurable speed range 0 m/min to ▒ 2000 m/min
Measurement Wheel Circumference
500 mm
Interfaces 2 x standard RS-232 interface
Ehternet interface
HTTP Protocl
MOD-Bus Protocol
XML Protocol
In-/Output 4x digital input
4x digital output

Possible configurations:
- Impulse output
- RS-485/422 Multifuntion Interface
- Digital input (length-reset, direction, gate)
- Digital output (status, valid flag)
Voltage 24 VDC
Protection category
IMPW measurement wheel IP 67
ENC encoder IP 67
MID-counter MID/CNT IP 51 (front); IP 20 (back)
(L x H x W)
IMPW measurement wheel with encoder and arm 250 x 400 x 100
MID-counter MID/CNT 96 x 96 x 120
Weight IMPW measurement wheel with encoder and arm 2 kg
MID-counter MID/CNT 0,5 kg

- external keypad for section cutting control
- 2-channel rotary encoder 500 Imp/revolution ENC
- contact wheel IMPW
- non-contact laser gauge ÁSPEED
- hardware and software equipment according to MID 2014/32/EU (form. MID 2004/22/EG; calibration approval)

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